Endodontic Services

Endodontics refers to the branch of dentistry treating the vital parts inside of the tooth known as the "pulp" and its surrounding tissues. These tissues are what enable your teeth to sense hot, cold, and touch. The inside of the tooth can become infected for various reasons, but just because a tooth has suffered an infection, doesn't mean you have to live without it. Our dentists in North Haven are well trained to treat internal tooth infections. In more complex cases, we work with a network of trusted specialists in the Greater New Haven area that will ensure the relief of a painful tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

In this procedure, the dentist will make a small hole in the crown (top) of the tooth in order to access the infected area. These areas must then be throughly cleaned and decontaminated using a series of files and solutions. This is to ensure that any of the bacteria causing the infection do not harm the tooth, its surrounding areas, and other teeth. Once cleaned, the dentist will seal the roots and inside of the tooth with different materials. The crown (top) of the tooth can then be restored through various restorative procedures.


An infection or trauma that has affected the pulp inside the crown (top), but not yet advanced to the lower root canal(s) of the tooth can be treated using a pulpotomy. The main difference between a pulpotomy and root canal is that pulpotomies are performed on teeth that are still "alive". This means that after the procedure, the tooth will still have sensation and respond to temperature.

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