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The Solea Laser: Drastically Reducing Covid-19 Exposure During Dental Treatments

Going to the dentist during the Covid-19 pandemic can be a worrisome experience and that's why we're going beyond PPE to ensure the safety of patients and staff alike. 













The Solea Dental Laser is a new technology used by the doctors at Gargano Family Dentistry to perform various procedures from traditional fillings to gum surgery. Using the laser has many advantages such as providing pain-free dental treatment without the need of using needles to administer novacaine.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using the laser in the era of Covid is that it is proven to reduce aerosols and splatter by up to 99% compared to the traditional dental drill. Since the Coronavirus is widely spread through small water droplets in the air and targets the respiratory system, reducing aerosols and splatter is a major priority in the dental operatory. The Solea Laser utilizes a surface temperature of 1,000 degress celsius which instantly kills viruses and bacteria that would otherwise be aerosolized by the traditional dental drill. The mist produced by the Solea Laser is cleaner and less abundant, reducing the risk of exposure to not only the Coronavirus, but other bacteria and viruses in the air as well. 

Check out this cool video which shows a side-by-side comparison of the traditional dental drill and the solea dental laser at work!

For more information and resources on how the Solea Laser aids in your protection during the Covid-19 pandemic visit read more at: http://www.convergentdental.com/benefits-of-solea-in-a-post-covid-19-environment/ 


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