Dental Emergencies

In times of severe oral pain or injury, it's important to have a dental team that you can rely on. We always have a doctor on-call to ensure that you have access to the care and information you need when you need it most. In times like these, do not hesitate to contact our office at 203-239-2356 or 203-239-0678.

Proudly Protecting North Haven Patients

The following information may help you navigate some common concerns regarding dental emergencies:

Dental Emergency Symptoms:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding (does not stop after 20 minutes of applied pressure)
  • Facial swelling extending to the eye or neck
  • Toothache that is preventing sleep
  • Severely broken tooth resulting in pain
  • Tooth fallen out with pain
  • Facial injuries resulting in dislocation or discomfort in jaw
  • Pain or severe swelling in gums
  • Denture adjustment for patients receiving cancer treatment
  • Presence of abnormal tissue causing pain and swelling

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